September 15, 2013

Featured :: Gabi's Lamp

Oh, hello there! Thought I given up, didn't you? Not gonna lie, blogging has been low on the priority list...right below more sleep and showering. Thankfully it seems to get easier and easier to adjust as our little one gets older and sooner or later I will actually be working on the house again. For now I've resorted to bragging about my creative and talented friends. Case in point? Gabi and her awesome Goodwill find:
You're thinking: 'where is this Goodwill and how do I get there?'. Seriously, I have never found ALL these great finds in one single shopping experience, but Gabi did just that several months ago. We're going to focus on the horse head lamp. The day after she sent me this photo I was window shopping at HomeGoods and saw this:
Who knew ceramic animal head lamps were all the rage? So last week I finally make it over to Gabi's and what did I see?


I honestly almost jumped off the couch with excitement! Look at that amazing transformation. She even spray-painted the ring gold, which is such a nice finishing touch.

Stay tuned and I hope to be back in action soon. I have started to go to estate sales again (Amelia loves them just like her mommy!) and I have a few photos to share soon.