October 23, 2013

State of the Home: Master Bathroom

Welcome to the first installment of State of the Home posts. So many projects have been forgotten, changed or just plain abandoned and I wanted to keep you guys up-to-date (as well as create a to-do list for us to work from).
Our plans for this house have shifted a bit - now that our daughter is here, the realization that she will one day go to kindergarten has set in and we are working on a 5-year plan for moving to a new house. To keep it short, the public schools in our district are atrocious and private schools are not an option for us. Since we know our time here is limited, the drive and motivation to work on the house has waned a bit and we are thinking through our ideas to make sure that we use our time, energy and money wisely. Boring disclaimer aside, I still want to make these next few years enjoyable and make the house beautiful...some projects may just take a littttttle more convincing to get Brian on board.
So, first let's start with our master bathroom: 
We last visited here and here. I vaguely mentioned that I wasn't exactly thrilled with the color choice...and Brian...well...hated it. I was expecting more gray and not so baby blue. In turn, the blue brings out the yellow in the tiles...and no one likes yellow-y tiles. Soooo, what do we propose to do? Repaint of course. I've already bought the paint (Benjamin Moore Indian River), but alas it has been sitting in the garage for months. Repainting this room is the next thing we have planned for the house, so look for that post soon. What else?

We bought a new light fixture (ignore the fact that its dangling from the wall). I would really love to frame out the builder-grade mirror, which in my opinion is a cheap upgrade with so much transformation potential.
To make life easy, we've decided to paint the wood all white and call it a day.

Brian toyed with the idea of hiding the hinges (also to practice for the kitchen, which has 5 times more doors)...but we're not sure the work is really worth the return. New hinges and hardware may just be all the updating this piece needs.

Then the fun stuff - decorating! This Pinterest bathroom has been one of my favorites for at least a year and I looooove the frames over the toilet and the towel shelf/rack.
Can you just picture some frames above the toilet? 
And a cute shelf with towel hooks?

So that's all I got for this bathroom. As I mentioned, repainting is first on the list (since we have the paint and tools handy), so I hope to show you a grand reveal (or at least a decent update) by next week!

October 14, 2013

Estate Sale-ing (with Baby)

Its no secret that Brian and I love estate sales and we've spent many a weekend driving all around Atlanta, checking out unique homes, driving in places we've never been and, along the way, buying some cool stuff. Since we both worked full-time jobs, I fantasized about being one of those people that could get to the sale on Thursday morning (when they usually start) and be able to find all the great things that I've probably missed out on all these years!
When we decided that I was going to become a stay-at-home-mom after the baby, I was most excited to be able to hit the sales during the week. Of course we all know how that really goes with an infant. It took a few months before I made it to my first sale...and even now she is only awake long enough to hit one, maybe two (if its close by)...but let me tell you, Amelia loves it! She is a very observant and curious baby, so wacky estate sales with crazy items and weird people fits all-of-the-above criteria. I've only bought a handful of things - one being an 80's Candyland board game. Yes, I am aware they still sell Candyland, but did you know they've redesigned it? I know that plenty of games and toys get a refresher over time, but the toys of my youth have all become 'sexy'. My inner-feminist died a little when I saw the new version, so when I found the 80's original I was grew up with for three dollars, I couldn't resist! Anyway, here are some other treasures we discovered:
I actually went to this estate specifically for this piano...but alas, it was sooooo overpriced and one of the keys was broken:
Three words: W. T. F?

This was also pretty pricey (I think around 80+ dollars) but I loved it. How cute would it be in a little girl's room, painted a fun color?
I've seen so many dirt-cheap rockers that sometimes I kick myself for not buying one to reupholster for the nursery.

This headboard/footboard was gorgeous and would look amazing painted or even kept as the original wood.

I had a hope this might work for Brian's music room, since he wanted a mid-century vibe, but he vetoed it and it would have needed completely new cushions anyway.

I have no need for these doors in my life, but boy do I wish I did:

And last, but not least, my favorite find...but not for the obvious reasons.
Personally, I don't like this lamp at all, but the second I saw it I remembered this blog post from Emily Clark. It just goes to show that you'll never know what you might find at an estate sale and what kind of DIY project you can create!