November 10, 2013

Bathroom Paint + Unsolicited Advice

What's that? You're shocked we've actually completed something that I've talked about recently? too. Our master bathroom has finally been repainted and no, pigs have not started flying.
It took Brian about half a day to slap the new color on the walls and let me Love is an understatement - I cannot believe how much better the bathroom looks and even feels. The brown (Benjamin Moore Indian River) makes the space feel cozy and warm, stopped the tiles from looking yellow-y and works so much better with the bronze fixtures. Before I show you, let me just say that getting an accurate photo in this windowless, florescent lighted bathroom is next to impossible. My only option was to turn all the lights off and let the flash light the room. So, with that being said, here's the best I could do:

Let's flashback to before:
And after:

Brian was also able to prime the vanity/cabinet:
Once again in this bathroom renovation, I was forced to pick a color right away and didn't have a chance to get any samples. You think I would have learned my lesson from the wall color, but I feel good about the deep, dark chocolate brown that I chose for the cabinets. Almost everyone in the blogosphere has used Bittersweet Chocolate for cabinets and I like that it doesn't have any strong plum undertones. Fingers are crossed that I still feel the same way when it gets painted today.
Now for that advice I mentioned...Amelia's nursery really needs a fun light fixture and I decided to attempt one of those faux-capiz shell chandeliers from Pinterest. Now, maybe its just my severe case of mom-brain (which is very, very real), but I read about three different tutorials and even though they all casually mentioned 'ironing wax paper', I don't feel that any of them are clearly stating that you have to iron three sheets together to create the look of capiz shell. I just skimmed all the instructions and assumed that the ironing was just to make the sheet flat. Fail. I even went out and bought a 1 1/2 inch hole punch and was mind-boggled at how difficult it was to punch one sheet of wax paper and why no had covered that...and in the end, my test string of 'shells' looked crap-py. Thankfully, a dear friend inspired me to try again and I actually read the directions (novel concept, I know) and guess what? It came out aweeeeesome. Look at the different between my first try and second:

Isn't it incredible how well something turns out when you do it right? My plan is to make twenty million more circles and start creating the chandelier this week. We also hope to paint the cabinet, frame the bathroom mirror, a little spray paint project and tons of odds and ends. Hopefully some more updates will be coming soon!