February 20, 2013

Master Bathroom Paint

Although our bathroom is far from 'done', I did want to share the paint color. I attempted to match the lightest shade in our new shower curtain and find something light gray/blue...so we went with Gray Cloud by Benjamin Moore. It still amazes me how differently a color can look from the swatch to the wall...and admittingly, I picked this color out quickly. It's a bit too blue for my tastes, but it works so well in the bathroom and really does tie-in the shower curtain nicely.

We are in the home stretch in the master bathroom and just need a few more things done. Our main project is painting the old wooden vanity (not sure if we should go white or dark brown) and framing out our builder-grade bathroom mirror. After those two projects I just need to pick out a shelf, some frames and vanity top accessories!


  1. Whoa, step away from the blog for two weeks and all kinds of improvement posts came up! I had the same shock when we redid our bedroom this week. I had a paint color picked out for the last year and a half, but the bedroom was last on the list. The color went up on the walls and started to dry so much darker... I was a little nervous because we get barely any natural light in that room, but it's all good.

    PS My mom said the baby shower was nice! So exciting :)

    1. Ha! We are in hyper-mode now since the baby is due in May. Funny, I also had our bedroom color picked out for YEARS and it threw me a little to have it look different.The nursery color had an opposite effect - I swore it would be too dark and now that it's up we are obsessed with it!