March 4, 2013

We Painted the Nursery!

After three coats (I'll explain that later), the nursery is finally painted! Not only did we paint, but we also installed a new window, crown molding, quarter round and painted the closet (and installed a new shelf). Phew.
I know I mentioned the color we chose in this post....but even though everyone assured me it would be great, I was still convinced it was going to be too dark. I'll admit I went a little nutty (it's the pregnancy hormones, I swear) and I bought an entire gallon of Elephant Gray lightened 25%....just to see. I thought it was going to the answer I was looking for - and then it wasn't. So, we took the plunge and went with the original Elephant Gray. Brian painted the room while I was in NY for my baby shower, but he said it looked great and I loved it just from the pictures. The problem? We could still see the outline of every sample I had put on the wall underneath it!! We've used Benjamin Moore to paint our entire house and I swear that has never happened. The strangest part was that the lightest color was showing through also...which just did not make sense. It wasn't something you saw right away, but once we pointed it out to someone, they immediately saw it too. So what does this perfectionist couple do? We threw on another coat. Of course we had already gone through our entire gallon, so I went over to the BM store and explained what happened. The guy was as shocked as we were and offered to give us the mack-daddy Regal paint for the same price as the cheaper stuff! In another strange turn of events, Brian used the entire gallon to put on that third coat. All in all, we are sooooo happy we did that because the color is deep and rich and even more perfect that I imagined it. Sometimes it looks so the daylight it looks more gray. Ready to see??

I just love, love, love it. For now we've moved the Hemnes dresser into the room, which Brian insists is too big for the space, but I keep sticking to the functionality of the piece outweighing its size. Every nursery on the World Wide Web uses this dresser and I'm already addicted to how high it is; I was able to fold 100 little baby washclothes yesterday without bending over and hurting my back!
That box/cushion is the start of the Ikea Poang Rocker that I picked up this weekend and the crib is being picked up tonight and hopefully all these guys will be assembled by tomorrow. Stayed tuned for more updates! 

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