November 18, 2011

Craigslist Find: Ikea Hemnes Dresser

Let me first say that I think Craigslist is in the running with sliced bread as the greatest invention ever. We have bought and sold so many things on there that I've lost count. We have certainly had our share of strange experiences and shoddy people, but all in all it's been wonderful.

I fell in love with Ikea's Hemnes Dresser when I saw it in the store for the first time. Seriously, I took a picture of it every time I went to the store:

Obsessed much? When I figured out that it would be perfect for our guest room, I started the 'Craigslist Hunt'. That means that I patiently search Craigslist every morning waiting for my item to appear. It worked like a charm with our Pottery Barn table, so I was hoping for the same results. Not so much. Apparently, my Hemnes dresser was a popular item...people were posting ads looking for one:

I am looking to purchase a dresser or chest in great condition that is by the IKEA HEMNES series, Thank you! =)

A little crazy, no? Whenever one would pop up, people were asking $250+, which is not much of a deal from the original price of $300. Well, yesterday my luck changed! I found not one, but two Hemnes-sellers in the Atlanta area. Both were the white version and the exact same price. I initially contacted one seller, but she was flaky and couldn't schedule a pick-up until Saturday. The guy we ending up buying it from was really great and let us come pick it up last night.

Let me just mention how massive the piece is - it's probably a tad too big for our guest room (that seems to be a trend with us), but we both love it and I think that once we raise the bed they will balance each other nicely. Check it out:

I love how long the dresser is - the ship is on there and there is still plenty of room for my rope mirror project. That's what I'm working on this weekend and I can't wait to show off the end result:

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