November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap: Stairs 2.0

We got some major things accomplished around the house this weekend and I made a new friend, the caulk gun:

We spent a lot of time together on Sunday...

To refresh your memory, this is where we left off on the stairs:

New treads and risers, but only about half-way up. On Saturday night Brian finished up the rest of the staircase:

Then it was on to wainscoting/paneling. We had gone as far as to layout and prime the space that would be paneled, but that was it.

First step: penciling out your lines so you know where to glue the molding:

Then a few hours later you have this:

And no, I wasn't just sitting around while my husband did manual labor, I was actually caulking our master bedroom:

Once I was done with the bedroom, I moved on to caulking the new molding on the stairs, buuuuut I ran out of caulk midway through! We decided to call it a night and finish up next weekend. Hopefully next week we can have the panels painted and the handrail installed.

Fingers crossed!

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