November 8, 2011

Craigslist Desk: After

Long ago, I promised to share the before picture of my office desk from Craiglist. Well, it's honestly taken me that long to get it cleaned up! You can thank my mother-in-law for visiting, which forced me to tidy up the house.

First let's check out the before:

And the after:

Please excuse my poor excuse for 'styling' the desk. I just threw some of my favorite objects on there for the photoshoot. Want to see them up close?

My stack of vintage book from Carmen and Ines and the mannequin is one of my all-time best Christmas gifts from my aunt.

I had a huge 'thing' for horses when I was younger and my uncle gave me this super cool leather horse.

The hardware is from Home Depot:

Maybe one day soon our offices will be painted and then I can really work on decorating!

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