November 2, 2011

Hallway Molding

It's funny how the smallest (I didn't say easiest) of projects can really make a bigger difference than expected. This time around, it was finishing off the molding in the upstairs hallway. First let take a look at what we were dealing with:

The ceilings had already been redone when we first moved in, but we had never put up the molding OR painted. Oh, and please excuse my spider-webbed air vent - I cleaned that after we were done.

The attic door also needed to be re-framed with molding:

See that crazy paint line? When we painted the living room/dining room, we extended the paint into the stairwell, but only enough for it to be visible from downstairs. We knew we would be working on the hallway at a later date, so we left it. How's that for trashy?

If you didn't know, I am a master-caulker (yes, I call myself that), so while Brian installed all the molding, I was busy caulking away at the attic door and the molding that I could actually reach on my ladder. Check out our handy-work:

While we were up there with all our power tools, we decided to replace the master bedroom door. Not only was the door a cheapo, plain, plywood kind, but the frame had seen better days:

First step was to remove the entire frame/door:

Then basically just pop in the new one (I make this sound easy because (a) I don't know how to do it and (b) I wasn't even there to watch Brian put it in). Here is the after glamour shot:

Not too bad for a Saturday project. We also rebuilt half our staircase, so stay tuned for that post this week!

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