November 11, 2011

Random Fun Stuff

Not a day goes by that I don’t take a picture of something with my phone. Occasionally it’s something funny I want to show my husband, like this guy:

Most of the time it’s an amazing piece of furniture, awesome home décor or a really different estate sale treasure. I thought I would make a habit of sharing my finds with you, starting today.

This one is courtesy of Brian's recent trip into an antique mall in Roswell. In true Roswell fashion, this was a 'high end' antique mall because every cool thing he found was $1000+! Check out this cart (?) turned display table:

This coffee table was amazing:

If we actually had room for a piano, I think we would get one in a hearbeat. This beauty was only $250:

Found these crazy couches at an estate sale in Decatur:

The same house had the coolest vintage stove:

Last weekend I stopped by an estate sale and fell in love:

It was on sale for $100!! I really had to exercise some restraint and not take this home.

The same house had this mid-century modern gem (that also had a matching bed):

Even if they're ugly, I can't resist taking a picture of an old record console. This one had an 8-track player

The antique mall near our house was selling one of these:

Was is that, you ask? I have no clue. The tag said "Morse Electrophonic Stereophonic Music Center. Still pretty bad-ass.

A few weeks ago I swung by an estate sale in an old home in Atlanta and found this awesome phone-nook that I want in my next house:

These last two pictures were taken in homes of people I actually know. First up, it's my co-worker's fall mantel. I loved it. Simple, classy and no fake leaves!

This table is in my parent's house and my brother found a very similar one for sale in NYC for $2000+. Best part is? They got it for free from my dad's work!

That's all I have hiding in my phone so far. Hopefully this weekend will be packed with more fun finds to share.

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