September 21, 2011

Craigslist Find: Coffee Table

When we first thought about a coffee table I became obsessed with the Metropolitan Coffee Table from Pottery Barn - I mean, who wouldn't, right? There really aren't a lot of round table options and this one was classic, clean and came in a rich brown wood that would have been perfect in our living room.

Again, there was no way I could afford $300-$350 for a coffee table, so I scoured Craigslist every day for a week. Finally, it appeared! It wasn't the exact one (this table was the light wood), but for the price I was willing to do a little refinishing.

Grand total? $80! I could not believe the luck. Here it is:

Funny thing is, I was SO excited to get it and once we got it home we both knew it wasn't quite right for the space. The table ended up being as high as the couch and the round shape didn't look good with our current furniture setup. We didn't have a back up plan, so the table has lived happily in our house ever since. That is...until we found this gem in a local Goodwill store:

It's beautiful, solid wood, has cool little windows and best of all...$22.00! Even if we refinish it and it looks like crap, it was 22 dollars! We are in the process of refinishing it now, so stay tuned for a post on it!

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