September 26, 2011

ORB-session: Part II

Seeing the trend? I have a problem with spray paint. It's just so easy, how can you resist?

A few weekends ago we spent a Saturday going to a few estate sales. Brian was looking for some new (old) records for our collection and I was just keeping an eye out for something fun. Along came these babies:

At first glance they're a little crazy looking, but the pattern/design was really different and I had a feeling that a coat of ORB would take that shiny-ness down a notch.The picture doesn't even do the sheen justice - they were SHINY gold.

I got them home and decided to spray them on some cardboard in the driveway. Dont' do that. The spray will get on the driveway and your husband will get annoyed. Next time I am just bringing the cardboard to the grass. Just a few coats and a super fast drying time and we had:

Check out the detail!

Of course now I had to figure out where the heck to put these things...

Yes, our mantel is gi-normous and it's impossible to decorate, but that's another post all together. For now, I think they look pretty good up there!

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