September 21, 2011

The Guest Room: Before and...Progress?

We are lucky to have a house with a really large room on the first floor. In theory this could easily serve as a playroom, family room or guest room (which is the one we chose since we don't have kids yet). Of course, I have no good before picture, so this one will have to do:

As you can tell, we were in paint-choosing mode and I decided to buy several Benjamin Moore samples. Let's just say the other half was not too thrilled that I spent almost $40 on samples. Oh well, lesson learned.

I had just had my wedding shower around this time, so the duvet and pillow were new from Pottery Barn. The 'theme' for this room is Cape Cod. My husband and I got engaged there and it really holds a lot of special memories for his family.

First step was paint. We chose James River Gray by Benjamin Moore and basic white for the trim. Here is the after:

I looooooove the color. I mean, I seriously want to paint every room in the house that color. It looks so crisp against the white trim and so warm and cozy. Sadly, this is pretty much what the room still looks like today. We haven't really had any extra money to put towards furniture, but I have created a little 'mood board' to show you what I am thinking:

The headboard is from Pottery Barn - it's waaay more $$ than I would ever want to spend (of course isn't everything at Pottery Barn), so I have been on the Craigslist-watch for it. So far I've only seen one  and it was the dark brown version. The dresser, side tables and console are all from Ikea and I found this awesome project online which I cannot wait to try out on the dresser. The model ship is actually something we own - my mom brought one home from Maine as a gift for my husband (since he loves boats). Here it is in real life:

I'm not quite sold on where to put it, but I was leaning toward on top of the dresser, directly across from the bed. I've also changed my mind about a rectangular mirror and I'm planning to attempt a rope mirror:

Here is the tutorial I found online, but I definitely want to make it bigger than the one they specify.

Found these pillows on Etsy that would work really well too:

So that is the story of the guest room! I will be sure to update the second we do anything to it.

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