March 7, 2013

Featured :: Megan's Ikea Hack! (Updated)

Lately the Murphy household has been conquering some big projects and the fun little DIY endeavors have fallen by the wayside. It will probably be a few more months before I can start working on 'fun' stuff again, but for now I can just share the fun stuff that my friends have been working on. Megan is almost done with her amazing Ikea hack and I had to show it off for her:
She started with Ikea's FÖRHÖJA kitchen cart, which looks like this before she got to work:
Used this stain:

She stained the top, painted the bottom white and still plans to add a metal bottle opener (and finish those wheels)....but check out how incredible this looks: (Megan said she did not do any sanding, but admits that it would have made things easier - especially where she painted white.)

I had no idea the birch would stain so well and I'm one second away from going to buy one, where could I put it? :)

1 comment:

  1. Hi Victoria,

    This looks absolutely incredible. I'm planning on doing the same for our kitchen since we're short on counter/storage space and love how your hack looks (and love the price tag).

    Did you sand off the factory finish before staining the birch top or just stain the top surface straight out of the box? And do you mind sharing what stain you used? I love love love the rich dark finish.

    Thank you!