April 4, 2012

1080-H (The End)

I'm trying very hard to get back on the blogging-bandwagon and while organizing my pictures, I realized I never finished my little 'Where It Began' series. We began with my very first apartment in Newburgh, then moved onto my first apartment in Atlanta. All that's left is my first apartment with my husband!

Let me introduce you to 1080-H. I suppose you want a little back story? Here is where I admit that yes, Brian and I were 'living in sin' for quite a while before we got married. We moved in together after only six months (shhh, don't tell my future children that). Initially we looked for an apartment somewhere in between our two worlds (Duluth and Roswell), but in the end it was easiest to just stay in my apartment complex, extend the lease and get a bigger place. So I moved from a small studio on the ground floor to a two bedroom on the third floor. The most exciting part? Our new deck:

It was mostly used for bike storage - we tried eating dinner out there once and got forced out by cockroaches. Yes. I said cockroaches. Living in upstate NY, I had only seen a cockroach once and that was in the basement of a NYC building. No one told me that almost every complex in Georgia has a roach-sighting incident.

Let's head back to the front door. This was your view as you first walked in - kitchen to the left and living room to the right.

The kitchen was narrow, but roomy and we had plenty of room for Brian's popcorn machine. What I can say? The man loves popcorn.

My endearing attempt at decorating:

Ah, and my first attempt at styling some shelves. I've come a long way, right?

That's all I really have to show. There was a master bedroom with attached bathroom and then a second bedroom and bathroom on the other side. When we first moved in I was beyond excited to decorate the apartment and Brian kept thinking I was nuts because it was 'just an apartment'. Even after moving into the house, I was hesitant to decorate because (a) the house technically was not 'mine' and (b) we were more preoccupied with getting the major things done like ceilings and floors.

That concludes my trip down memory lane - it was nice to revisit all the places I've called home and see how much my 'decor' skills have improved in the last six years.

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