October 26, 2011


Remember back when I mentioned my idea to do a post on all the places I've lived? Well, here is installment numero dos. First, let me explain how I ended up below the Mason Dixon:

While living in my first apartment in Newburgh, I worked two jobs. During the day I was a legal assistant and at night I was a bartender on the waterfront. Needless to say, free-time was a foreign concept. The attorney at my day job (my boss) mentioned that I should work at the corporate office in Atlanta. At that time my position was only temporary, so moving to Atlanta would get me a permanent position, a raise and the hell outta Orange County. After a few business trips to the A, I decided to make the permanent move in December of 2006. I didn't know a single person (aside from a few random co-workers), but I am always down for an adventure. My friend and I packed up my two-door Saturn to the brim with everything I owed. Two days later we arrived at Barrington Court apartments and walked into 1190-C.

Before we talk about the inside of the place, let me just show you what I saw outside:

I had taken my first steps out of the car towards the apartment and there was this guy waiting for me. Of course you Southerners are all saying 'so what', but what you don't understand is that we don't have these in upstate NY. I swear, the only time I had ever seen a cockroach (that thing above is a Palmetto Bug - yes, there is a difference) was in the basement of the building my dad works in in NYC. 

Anyway, once we were done freaking out over insects, it was into the new place:

This picture sums up the entire apartment - it was a 500 square foot studio! The door you see was my walk-in closet...

The other side consisted of my kitchen and the door to the bathroom.

The funniest part? I had no bed. My parents had given me some money to buy a futon when I got down there, but Devon and I weren't able to get to the store for a few days. This was our makeshift bed:

Eventually I bought a futon, but it was the most uncomfortable thing I have ever slept on.

Thankfully our Plan B was an air mattress...and yes, that is my enormous pile of clothes...I have no comment.

As fate would have it, I met my husband just a week later and guess what? He had an extra queen mattress and it was the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. It lives in our guest room now and if you came to visit, you could sleep on it too.

The two things I loved the most in this apartment were my closet and my itty-bitty balcony (is it still a balcony if it's on the ground floor?)

Although I only got to live here for about six months (Brian moved in together around that time), I did love that little apartment. Stay tuned for the last installment which is the apartment that Brian and I lived in together!

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