October 29, 2011

Our Wedding: The Details

Originally posted 10.10.11

It's hard to believe, but today is our one year wedding anniversary!! Talk about time flying. In the spirit of being married for a whole year, I thought I would share some pictures from our wedding.

As I'm sure most brides will tell you, planning a wedding sucks. I'm sure it doesn't suck if you're Martha Stewart or something, but for the regular gal it's time consuming, stressful and a bit overwhelming - at least it was for me. I'm overly practical (to a fault) so I knew I would never be that girl who wanted her wedding to be a big to-do. Initially I was hoping Brian and I could just run off to Mexico or something, but the parents weren't too thrilled with that idea. Finally we settled on a wedding in Maine, in a hotel built in 1883. In no way, shape or form do I think my wedding was 'blog-worthy', but I thought I would share a few details in case any future brides were looking for eye candy or just some ideas for their wedding...

First off, I have to tell you who took all the insanely amazing photographs. That would be Leigh Germy from Atlanta. Unfortunately, she doesn't shoot weddings anymore (only as a second shooter) but for god's sake if you can get her to take your picture, do it! I am waiting for these damn braces to come off and then I am gifting myself a little photoshoot with her!

This one is non-wedding-ish, but I couldn't resist sharing the chandelier in Mrs. McGrath's house. Drooling? Yeah, me too.

How cute are these door stoppers?

The rings:

I really don't like flowers very much, so I decided to carry a fan that my aunt sent me from Spain.

The purse is vintage 1950's (a gift from two very special women, Carmen and Ines):

I refused to spend money on elaborate bouquets that would be carried down the aisle for 3 seconds and then tossed aside, so I purchased a pile of wholesale hydrangeas and watched a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to wrap a bouquet. This was the end result:

The place where we got married!

Another way to save some money? Have your mom make your wedding cakes. Oh, it helps if your mom is a super amazing personal cook/caterer like mine! Let the mouth watering being:

For the table 'numbers' I wanted to do something a little different. It may sound silly, but I didn't want anyone to be offended because they weren't sitting at table number one or two (but trust me, people will still be offended about something you've done or failed to do). I chose to use the vintage postcard theme and picked different cities that represented where we were from, where we lived and places that we got engaged, married, etc. I put the postcards all together to create this seating chart. Let me just spare some advice here: make sure you buy and cut the foam board several days before your wedding. My brother and I were hacking it with a box cutter a mere hour before walking down the aisle!

My favorite wedding detail, the Wedding Tree (which is now framed in our dining room).

I created the menus using the marketing software I have at work and then printed them here.

Being Maine and all, there was definitely this on the menu:

One of my favorite parts - we did a quedmada (explanation here)

I'll wrap this post up with my favorite wedding quote from my favorite wedding blog (a must read):

"If you end up married without at least one person pissed off at you, you didn't have a wedding, you had a goddamn miracle"

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