October 18, 2011

Inspiration: Bedroom

Long before the blog idea ever came along, I began hoarding pictures of anything and everything that inspired me in the home. In truth, I was so nervous to make any decorating or paint decision, that I needed to have some visual idea of how to achieve what I was looking for. This mini-obsession led to a lot of jpegs living on my computer. I thought it would be a neat idea to do a little series of posts dedicated to my inspiration for each room of the house. Today, it's the master bedroom.

Let's start with what the room looked liked when we first moved in:

Don't you just love the 'two room' layout? When we first walked into the master bedroom while touring the house, we turned the corner and both gasped. It was like having two rooms in one! Eventually we'd love to make that extra space a nice seating area.

Anyway, aside from new ceilings and a new floor, the room looks exactly the same. Of course we have a bed in there, two dressers and one little love seat. That's about it. Oh, and all those aforementioned items are in desperate need of a makeover and/or a trip to the dump. We don't even have a 'real' bed, just the metal frame thingy (insert sad face).

I suppose we should start with the color choice? I am campaigning for a light sage - maybe Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage. Here is shot I found online of Saybrook in action:

It reminds me so much of the bedroom in my first apartment and that makes me happy.

We have very ambitious plans for our bed. First, can we talk about how much a bedroom set costs? Geez, I could buy a used car for what some people charge. Here is a picture of what we were thinking:

This happens to be the exact bedding that we already have, as well as exactly how I was planning to set up the room (foot-of-the-bed bench, frames above the headboard, lamps, etc.). I'm pretty sure the bed is the 'Farmhouse' style from Pottery Barn. As you already know, I love Pottery Barn style, but I do not love their prices. Thankfully people like Ana White exist. We plan on building (yes, building) our own Farmhouse bed using this guy's plan. Who knows when we'll start, but I can't wait to see it all done! Oh, and the website also has plans for nightstands:

Eventually we'll have to buy a dresser or two and I was hoping for a style like this one:

When it comes to some bedside lighting, I thought something like this would work really well:

Not completely sold yet, but we'll see.

Above the bed? I saw this in a Pottery Barn store that I was unique - hanging the frames from ropes on little knobs:

I fell totally in love with these 'state love' prints from Etsy:

I think it would be awesome to create a little series of the states that mean something to us (I couldn't find Massachusetts, but it will definitely be on there).

That's all I got! The next big projects for our bedroom will be finishing the trim work, painting the trim and getting new windows. After all that we can move on to paint!

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