October 19, 2011

Vacation Recap: Cape Cod!

Cape Cod was truly wonderful. It was great to have more than a week to just relax, unwind, celebrate our anniversary and go visit the places that we love. The weather was spectacular on Saturday, Sunday and Monday and we didn't even get any rain until Thursday. I wanted to share some of the most scenic photos from the trip:

The Sagamore Bridge

West Dennis beach in October!

Old North Church

The Charles River

Bass River

West Dennis beach on the night of our anniversary.

This was my dream house. It was in Plymouth and literally sat ON a cliff overlooking the ocean. It was New England all the way.

Of course the best part of the week was heading down to the Chatham Fish Pier to watch the fishing boats come in and the harbor seals come out.

One of the best parts of Boston? Finding this used record shop near Berklee College of Music. We spent a good hour in there and good amount of money too, but we decided it would be our anniversary present.

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