October 5, 2011

Pillow Talk

When it came time to buy some pillows I had a little bit of an issue. See, I grew up with a mom that can sew anything - when I was a kid she made all my Halloween costumes! She makes pillows, quilts, slipcovers, clothes - you name it. She taught me to sew and I use to make my Barbie her own miniature clothes. Needless to say, I have a hard time buying pillows. It's mind-boggling to me what stores charge for a poorly made pillow that doesn't even have a zipper closure! I started by searching for a fabric that I liked and I struck gold at Hobby Lobby:

It was modern, fun and the color scheme was perfect for our beige, green and brown living room. The fabric was also realllly thick and luxurious. Price? More than $20 a yard....FAIL. I started to think that buying pillows would just be the easiest route. I even found these at Bed, Bath and Beyond:

They were okay, but not the best quality and the only two pillows left had runs in the fabric. Back to Hobby Lobby. I ended up biting the bullet and bought the original fabric. Insert miraculous event here: when I went to pay for my three yards of fabric, I found out it was ON SALE! Almost half price! Now this pillow project was really looking up.

I brought the fabric home and just let it hang out in the living room for a while (like the total weirdo that I am).

One thing I failed to mention - I don't own a sewing machine! I called my mom and asked (begged) her to sew me some pillowcases. Long story short, she made me three pillows, but with one snafu...she couldn't find inserts. She looked at a few stores and no one had any. I had already purchased some here in Georgia, so my mom decided to leave one seam open so I could stuff the pillows and then sew the last edge. Problem is? I'm being lazy about it. I have, however, figured out how to place them on the sofa while hiding the unfinished edge. Score! Here they are in action:

I love them! I think they look great in our living room and I'm so thankful my mom made them. Just don't flip them over...

For now I plan on seeing how long I can get away with not sewing these pillows. I am hoping that it is long enough to get me through my parent's next visit.

I have grown quite fond of keeping the three pillows on the side chair. I think the couch could use some larger pillows, so I've made that my next mission. Maybe I should invest in a sewing machine already...

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