October 24, 2011

The Fall Mantel...

First off, let me tell you how excited I am about my foray into fall decor. I know what you're saying...'get over yourself Victoria', but I never thought that I could do this stuff. Honestly, after I whipped these up, I paced around the house waiting for Brian to come home so someone could actually see my creation!

It all started as we were driving home from some errands and passed a little side-of-the-road pumpkin patch. I thought I could just grab some alternating size pumpkins, a few squashes, throw on the mantel and call it day. But nooooo, our evil mantel has to be difficult. Believe me, I tried it, but because the mantel is so tall and so long, the pumpkins were instantly lost on the mantel and not large enough to make any impact. How long is that mantel, you ask? This long:

You can't even SEE what's at the other side!

After realizing that we needed some height in the display, using burlap jumped into my brain. I thought it would be great to wrap whatever random household item I used in the fabric. Off to Hobby Lobby. Funny thing is, the fabric lady actually commented that everyone was buying burlap that week, which just goes to show how unoriginal that plan was...or that 'great minds think alike'? - I'll take the latter! While I was in Hobby Lobby, I came across some natural wheat and small branches - I picked those up on a whim.

Once I got home I grabbed an overturned vase, a candle, my birch vase and some pine cones I had from last year. Here is the result:

I must have depleted all of my creative juices because when it came time for the other side of the mantel, I was dumbfounded. I didn't have a second birch vase and I didn't have a second vase either. With a little improvisation, I came up with this:

It's a different set-up, but the same height - which I think is important for tying them together. I love the way the wheat and the branches fell perfectly in that vase (total accident) and also pretty excited that I got to use the candle holder from this post.

It was near impossible to get a picture of the whole mantel in one frame, so I took some separate shots from each angle:

If you haven't noticed, the middle of the mantel is pretty lonely. I was hoping to pick up some small candles in fall-ish colors:

Or maybe something like this...

Or I could attempt these awesome candle holders:

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