October 20, 2011

Vacation Recap: Cape Cod Thrifting

Like I said yesterday, the weather on our vacation was awesome, but we did get two rainy days towards the end of the week. What does one do on a rainy Cape Cod Thursday? Check out the antique stores, of course! We honestly went to so many thrift and antique stores that I couldn't keep them straight. Here are some of the awesome things that we found (but didn't buy):

I was obsessed with this temperature meter/gauge thing. It was waaay too much money, but I could just envision it in our house.

The same antique mall had this crazy room that reminded me of an episode of Hoarders. It was full of model ships - the picture doesn't even do it justice!

Brian fell in love with this 1932 radio.

This was quite the find since I plan on doing the same project with the old windows from our house! (I have an entire post on that project planned)

Speaking of mirrors, I found these two beauties in the Goodwill in Dennisport for $20 a piece! That's when I really wished we weren't flying home.

The same Goodwill had so many spray-paint-able (I think I just made that up) lamps, it was ridiculous.

The next picture is from a restaurant in Salem (Victoria Station) that had the most rustic decor and I wanted to steal every idea. Honestly, if I wouldn't have looked like a complete weirdo, I would have taken a lot more pictures. Check out these massive barn doors:

To my surprise, the place with the most Cape/nautical decorating ideas was none other than Cuffy's. I went into the Chatham store to buy a sweatshirt and noticed two great displays.

I am dying for some oars for my guest room!

These next two tables aren't from any antique or thrift store, they're from the Cape House! Brian's grandmother has some seriously awesome antique furniture and these two pieces really caught my eye:

It was hard to leave some of the good finds, but next time we're in New England with a car - watch out!

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