June 14, 2012

Craigslist Find: Wicker Set

If I haven't already shared, our backyard is ground zero for mosquito breeding. I am very serious...it's BAD. To make things even more interesting, I seem to be allergic to Southern mosquitoes. All my life up north, I got the occasional bug bite with no major issues...then I move to Georgia and every time I get bitten, my skin swells, itches and then turns into this huge, bruise-y circle. It looks like something between leprosy and spousal abuse.

Needless to say, our back deck (when we had one) did not get the most use from me in the summer months and the whole time we had been ignoring our beautiful front porch:

I have a love for front porches, probably because I grew up with this (that was my bridal shower setup):

As kids, this was our 'base' during manhunt and the 'precinct' in Cops and Robbers (yes, I was the dispatcher). It was the place for parties, BBQ's and almost every summer family dinner. This made me realize that I wanted something like that in our house. Unfortunately, our front porch was currently inhabited by way too many spiders and several wasps nests. Lucky for us, we just inherited a power-washer from our in-laws! So after a good power-wash I started the hunt for some patio furniture.

Where did I start? Craigslist of course. Let me tell you, wicker is expensive. I really never expected it to have such a high resale value. So, when I stumbled on all this for $125, I did a double-take:

One phone call later and I was on the way to pick these babies up. I can't remember the final price, but I think we got down to $110. Brian and I just round it down to one hundred, since we describe it as 'the best one hundred dollars we ever spent'. Now, let me just warn everyone of one downfall of Craigslist. Doesn't every piece in the picture above look to be the same color? Well, in real life they were not.

The two chairs sort of match and the little side table doesn't match anything. The table has been rained on since living on our porch, so it's gotten stained. Hopefully we can take the power-washer to these guys soon. All in all, we are really happy with the set and we use it all the time!

Oh, the cushions are from HomeGoods and only $30 for the pair! That is a great price for cushions - you would be amazed at how expensive those things can get. Want to see the view from the other side?

Stayed tuned for another Craigslist Find - Tampa edition. My sister-in-laws scored an amazing patio table!

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