June 11, 2012

Master Bedroom Paint?

When you've taken such a long blogging sabbatical...do you just ignore it in your next post? Do you try and make an excuse?

Yes, I've been absent as of late. The house progress has shifted to non-blogworthy things like water main repair and gutter replacement. Trust me, no one wants photos of that. Oh, you do want photos?

Behold our new gutter! We added it onto the house because the drainage in that corner was a serious issue. The pipe will be buried once we get the retaining wall rebuilt...and then its time to attempt to plant something that won't die.

You want to see that retaining wall? Shield your eyes... 

This eyesore is the structure that is currently holding up half our front yard, the side of the deck and our beloved Dogwood tree. And no, our yard does not currently look like that - this picture was from the day we bought the house. We've ignored the wall as long as we could...because let's face it, who wants to spend a few thousand dollars on something so boring? Finally, we've saved up and decided to get it professionally 'done', which should happen in a few weeks.

Wasn't this post was supposed to be about paint...

Ages ago (October 2011, according to this post), I started to gather some ideas of what I wanted to do in our master bedroom. From the beginning, I had been in love with Benjamin Moore's Saybrook Sage. I even went out and bought one of those teeny little sample bottle (that they have stopped selling - gasp!). Sadly, once I got home and slapped a few strokes on the wall, the color just wasn't 'doing' it for me. Today I took reinforcements (my co-worker, Sarah) to the BM and mulled over several more options. So what happened? We both loved Saybrook Sage. Again. Obviously, the universe was trying to tell me something, so I decided to splurge $8.00 and buy the small tester pint. Stay tuned to see how two coats will look and in the meantime I'm trying to figure out how to get Brian to let me paint on a Monday night...

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