January 4, 2012

Happy New Year - Cabin Style

This year we decided to join our friends Amber and Matt on their annual New Years Cabin Trip. We got to spend three relaxing days at Lake Nantahala in North Carolina. Check out these views:

Along with relaxation, there was some hiking, lots of food and of course, drinking. Did I say lots of food?

Love this one:

As I was standing on the dock taking photos of the lake, I looked down and saw this:

Remind you of anything? How about this guy:

Only Pottery Barn can take a cheapo marine store item, polish up and charge quadruple the amount. Guess where I am going to look for curtain tie-backs?

On our last day I was walking around the house cleaning up and came across this lamp:

No, it's not really my style, but I kept thinking 'man, those oars are the perfect size for my guest room ideas'. Enter foreshadowing, because I found two identical wooden oars in an antique mall on the way home for $12 each. (Picture and ideas coming!)

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