January 24, 2012

Paint, The Miracle Worker

Aside from the gorgeous weather, trail running, eating/drinking and beach-going, this past weekend was mainly about helping my sister-in-laws paint. The previous owner painted their house a horrendous color orange and since Brian was a painter in college, they asked us to come down and help. I always hear people complaining about painting, but I honestly think it's fun! The whole process is very methodical and 'cutting in' really appeals to my OCD. Wait until you see this transformation:

You can pick your chin up off the floor now. And no, I cannot explain what drugs that previous owner was on that would compel her to paint almost the entire house ORANGE. Did you catch the faux-paint job on the kitchen pantry? Bad...

The transformation took all day Friday, with the help of four people. Here we are hard at work:

I don't really have good action shots of Linds and Linds, but they did almost ALL the main wall rolling!

Of course we snuck in some fun too:

Running on the Upper Tampa Bay Trail, which is know one of my favorite paved trails.

My favorite part of the trip, Ybor City! In two hours I saw three people on horseback, a man walking around with an enormous yellow boa on his shoulders, men with giant signs telling us we were going to hell and a Church of Scientology. If that doesn't make for an interesting time, I don't know what does! I cannot wait to go back.

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