December 20, 2011


We decided not to put up a Christmas tree this year. I'll pause while everyone gasps.

See, I've never been the overly-festive-decorator type. In all honesty, I'm happy with waiting to decorate until we have kids that are old enough to know what Christmas is. Being that we weren't even going to be in the state for Christmas, Brian suggested it wasn't really worth all the effort. In an attempt to not be a total scrooge, I did pull out the mantel garland and dining room table decor. Keep in mind that I decorated this at night, in dim light and when I was really tired. Even I know I can do better:

I switched out my normal chargers for the gold ones that Brian got me one Christmas:

I got those napkin rings at an estate sale - 12 for $1.00!

The reindeer are solid silver candle holders:

That's about Christmas-y as our house is getting this year. On a side note, I attempted to make Lacy Cookies for the first time ever. They are my absolute favorite cookie and I cannot find them anywhere down here!

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