December 6, 2011

(More) Random Fun Stuff

First stop in the random adventures of the weekend? Hobby Lobby. While working on the dreaded rope mirror, Hobby Lobby and I became good friends. It's a love/hate relationship though, because I hate that they are closed on Sundays, but they have a great fabric selection and their custom framing cannot be beat. Even though I went in for some foam board, I couldn't help but check out their 'nautical' section. 

These buoys were actually pretty cool and subtle enough without screaming 'check out my nautical bedroom':

This life preserver was flat out cheesy:

The only thing I liked in this display was the rope door stopper:

Now these weights were right up my alley. Might have to get a small one for the guest room:

A little flashy, but I just love this lighthouse.

I try to stop into Goodwill at least twice a month to see what hidden treasures they might have. This weekend I found three lamps shades for under $10 TOTAL. The first two were really large drum shades (which Target sells for $25 a piece). One was in perfect condition and the other had a little stain in the back. I initially thought I would cover them, but they don't even need it. The shades are a little too large for the guest room, but I think these will be great for the master bedroom (whenever we get around to it).

The second shade I purchased as a test case for my map lamp. I've been dying to make one like this:

I picked up this little guy for $ if only I can find the map that I want.

My husband was still out of town on Saturday, so I opted to go to some estate sales. Brian has been wanting some antique surveying equipment for a while, but this thing was waaaay overpriced:

Also too expensive, but really cool piece:

Honestly, does this not make you laugh?

Super cool:

The man claimed this was made from a 'real whisky barrel':

Anyone in the market for a four poster bed? This was a steal:

So what did I buy? For a grand total of $4.00, I came home with this little green industrial box and two really old Spanish books used by a student at Georgia Tech.

I didn't discover the coolest part until I got home. Inside one of the books was an amazing drawing:

And two birthday cards and some class notes (Literature):

Georgia Tech was originally known as Georgia School of Technology. The name was changed sometime after World War II, so these books are pretty old!

Can't wait to see what I can find next weekend!

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